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Growing up...

I believe that music defines the person. I listen to many different types of music but I had to pick one musician who speaks to me and about me, I would chose John Cougar Mellencamp. Before there was cds or tapes, my family had a record player. My fondest father/daughter memories involve dad and I dancing to JCM (John Cougar Mellencamp)playing on this record player. My father owned, "American Fool," "Uh-Huh," and "Scarecrow." When mom was at work late and my brothers were doing what they did best back then (leaving me out), my father and I would dance the night away. Even back then I knew that my father was a horrible dancer...but that did not matter. All that mattered was the moments we shared...the feeling of security and sancuary being daddy's little father is sick now. He has cancer. He has changed much since the days of dancing to JCM. Living with him hurts hurts to see him so miserable, hopeless, depressed...It seems like their are two types of people: defeatists and the conquerors. My father let himself become a defeatist.

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